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Over the last three years, I have dealt with many different types of clients, and many different types of business.  Some of the clients have been home runs, while others are small singles and doubles, just trying to push runners around the bases and to home plate.  Continuing with my baseball analogy…regardless of how hard you play, you simply cannot win them all, and sometimes, you need to realize that the season is 162 games, and  you need to realize that tomorrow is another day.   There will be another game!

Maryland SEO Company

Over my 3 years as the president of Hit Me SEO, I have helped clients achieve some amazing results.   I literally watched clients websites explode in the rankings in a matter of days.  My personal favorite is a furniture store that had a handful of top ten rankings for some keywords, and in a matter of a week, he had 444 #1 spots on Google.  To hear the words “Tim, you literally saved my business” is something I repeat to myself when Google decides to take slap me upside the melon with one of their nifty algorithm changes.  The success stories are plenty, and there are a few not so shining moments along the way, but learning from my mistakes has made me, along with my company, much stronger and ready to tackle any challenge along the way.

The One Mistake That Will Kill A SEO Strategy

Don’t let the customer push you into something that is going to hurt them in the long run.   This is something we discuss at Hit Me SEO quite often.  We achieve great results for clients, capture more relevant traffic, dissect Google analytics, and determine the strategy for the following month.  This is part of our ongoing maintenance program, and it is designed to make sure that we keep an eye on our clients each month.  Unfortunately, we always have a couple of clients that want a little more, aren’t satisfied with 400 or 500 keyword phrases showing up on the front page of Google, and continue to push for a few “Vanity” keywords that they want to see their website show up at the top of the page of Google.   I get it!  We did it for so many other phrases and terms…why can’t we just do it for this one phrase?   Well, the reason is simple.   When you push too hard, Google knows it, and delivers that smack right upside the head once again.

How It All Plays Out

yorkie puppy breeder

Lets say I have a client that sells Yorkie Puppies.  Just so happens, I do have one of those clients, and we love working with her.  For this example, I am going to use AJJLS Yorkies since Amy was so nice to film testimonials for us, tell everyone she knows about us, named her first born after me.  Well, you get it.  We do good things for Amy and throwing her some free publicity is something I am happy to do.

So assume Amy is getting some great traffic to her site.  Her primary focus is selling Yorkie Puppies, so she asks that I put a little more focus on that particular phrase.  Then we move her up the search engine rankings for the keyword phrase yorkie puppies for sale.  Then, her girlfriend tells her that she did a search the other day, and she was not on the front page of Google for the search “yorkie puppies”.  So Amy, decides to call and ask for a little more love for that particular phrase.  So we go to work optimizing for that phrase, and he next thing you know, the previous ranking of #6 on Google, now drops to #11, and off the front page of the search results.   Oh Sh$#$!   Now Amy is calling back asking why she dropped for that phrase.  I explained that we were doing everything we can to move her up the rankings, and that we cannot be too aggressive, yet I didn’t listen to what I was saying.  That is when I need to remind myself that you can’t listen to the client, and that search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint.  And when you take shortcuts, or try and push too hard, it actually has a reverse effect on your results.


The Lesson SEO’s Need To Remember

It doesn’t matter if you have 50, 100, 0r 1000 number one spots on Google, the client wants 500, 1000, or 10,000.  That is human nature, we always want more.  But it is our responsibility as professionals to explain the strategy, sometimes multiple times, and continue the marathon.   In the end, you may irritate a little along the way, but you won’t have to deal with the loss of all of your rankings overnight.

Now that my kids know what I was writing about tonight, they want me to call Amy and see if they have any teacup yorkies that she might be willing to barter out 🙂

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