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At least they gave us a warning…

April 21st 2015 - Hit Me SEO

Google has announced that they will be making a big change to mobile rankings on April 21st of 2015, and you can be certain of a major shift in mobile rankings around that date. In the past, Google has been very quite about changes in order to keep webmasters on their toes, and to prevent SEO’s from preparing and adapting to upcoming changes.  I believe this mobile shake-up is going to be so big, that Google felt it necessary to make the announcement months in advance.

As was mentioned in our previous blog post from November, having a mobile-friendly website in 2015 is going to be crucial. Google will be reviewing your website looking at each individual page to determine if it is mobile friendly.  If your site is not considered mobile friendly, you can be certain your rankings will be impacted. Remember, Google’s wants to provide the searcher the best possible options when it comes to search, so displaying a mobile version of your site on a iPhone, Droid, or iPhone enhances that user experience.

In the article from The SEM Post, Google’s Gary Illyes was asked about upcoming changes expected to impact rankings in the future.  Most notable is the announcement of the date, but coming in close second is the speculation that Google has already begun building a separate Mobile Index in the future, and there is a team already in place working on this project.

Finally, when Illyes was asked if there would be other changes made around the same time, especially concerning Panda and Penquin, he replied that nothing is planned at this moment, but that could change in the future.

The biggest take-away is simply…..” I will say April 21st is a very important day”.

Are you ready?



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