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How The Google Snack Pack Will Ultimately Impact Your Business

One of the easiest ways for real-world companies to get their business noticed on Google was to get placed into the Google local business listings. It was a fantastic way for businesses to get free advertising for their business without having to use Google Adwords. Unfortunately, Google has decided to take this benefit away from companies, making it very difficult for them to take advantage of the free traffic that these positions used to provide. In fact, they have removed 4 of the top positions, limiting it to a total of 3, and also removed vital information such as ratings, address, phone number, and the ability to look at reviews. Instead of a link showing the actual domain of the website, they merely put the name of the business, how many reviews it actually has, when the business closes, and a button to click for directions. To go to their website, there is also a button that you have to click with no visible URL as seen below.

Maryland SEO Google My Business

This is a dramatic change, one that has hurt many businesses that relied upon this free traffic to generate monthly revenue, yet another example of how Google is making changes to benefit itself. Now these companies will have to either pay for Google Adwords which can be very expensive depending upon their particular business, and the keywords that they will need to target, throwing everyone that relied upon these listings into turmoil. Fortunately, there are companies that can help compensate for these unmerited changes that Google has made to increase its bottom line. That’s why you should contact Hit Me SEO.  We are very adept at handling any and all changes that Google will make in its algorithms that are detrimental to businesses nationwide. Let’s take a look at how these changes affect business owners, and then show you exactly why Hit Me SEO should be your top choice for regaining your local listing traffic once again.

How These Changes Affect Businesses

The primary change that is going to affect most companies that used local listings before is that there are now only three spots in this list. Google has cleverly named it the Google Snack Pack as if making a cute name is going to cover the fact that businesses are going to see a sharp decline in traffic. What they have done is a detriment to businesses that trusted Google to help them generate traffic for their company, but this is fairly common. Considering that Google makes nothing from local listings, and billions from Adwords, it makes business sense to force more people to use their paid services. There are ways of getting into this top three which seem to be based upon common sense, as well as an assessment of what Google is looking for, something that they don’t easily reveal. That’s why you have to work with a company that has experience with not only local listings but helping companies move to the top of those listings, using proven strategies and techniques. In a sense, Google seems to be favoring businesses that are experts in this area like Hit Me SEO, helping them to earn a significant amount of money because of the many clients that are going to come their way. Fortunately, our company is not about making money from victims of yet another Google algorithm change but we are here to truly help businesses earn more money.

Why You Should Choose Hit Me SEOgoogle local maps

We are a company that is well-known in the state of Maryland for our ability to help businesses generate more traffic, and increase sales. We have built a solid reputation as a Maryland SEO agency that goes above and beyond to provide superior service. As you can imagine, this change within Google has impacted businesses all across the country, but our experts at Hit Me SEO can help you regardless of where you live or what type of business you are running. We are especially good at moving local listings up to the top three positions because we utilize the best search engine optimization techniques and strategies in the industry. On our website, you will clearly see the examples of happy clients that have benefited from achieving top organic placement. Many of our clients have nothing but positive comments on how quickly we respond to Google makes these changes. In fact, we are not only good at helping people ranking for one or two positions but we can help clients rank for hundreds of different keywords, most times claiming the top position. Hit Me SEO knows exactly what to do based upon the many hundreds of customers that we have helped in the past, plus we only employ fully trained experts on our team to make this happen for you.

If you have been affected by the latest change that Google has made, the so-called Google Snack Pack, and you need to reposition yourself higher in the local listings so that you can be found once again, you will be able to do this working with Hit Me SEO. Our company has built a solid reputation in the Maryland area for producing incredible results. By speaking to us over the phone, we can quickly gather your information and assess your situation to work out a plan of action to help you become more visible. There is nothing like having access to free traffic for keywords that will bring paying customers to your business, and this is exactly what we can help you achieve. Contact us today for more information on what we can do for you, and find out if we have an opening in our very busy schedule to help you get back on track. You can’t go wrong with our leading SEO company, a business known for producing the best results in the industry, not only with organic listings, but helping those that are currently suffering from the Google Snack Pack update. Go ahead and give Hit Me SEO a call today to learn more about our services that can help you generate more website traffic, as well as help you convert more visitors to clients, to improve your business this year.

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