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online reputation management consultants

Online Reputation Management Consultants

Businesses succeed and fail based on their reputations, especially their online reputation. Reputations are developed on how well you run your the business as well as what your customers have to say about the service or product they have received from your company. If you are smart about how you sell yourself and your business you will develop a reputation that reflects a positive customer experience.  If you fail to serve everyone well and ethically it will can back and bite you. This is where the help of online reputation management consultants can help your business.


72% Of Online Searchers Trust Online Reviews

In many cases a business fails not because of their own actions but because of one or two unhappy clients or customers.  Recent studies show that people trust online reviews almost as much as a personal referral from a family member or friend.  Think about the last time you purchased something online.  Did you read the reviews?  What about something as minor as purchasing a new app for your Iphone?  Did you check out the reviews before you spent the two or 5 bucks?   It is very likely that you did, and this is why it is so important for you to build a “5 Star Reputation” for your business online.  You can see exactly what has been said about you online by using this local reputation report provided free of charge by the online reputation management consultants at Hit Me SEO.


One of the hardest things about managing your businesses reputation online is being able to track what is being said about you. That is where Hit Me SEO comes in. Our online reputation management consultants help you by constantly monitoring what is said about you online.  Our proprietary software manages websites such as Google, Yelp, Manta, and so many others to make you aware of what is being said about you online.  Responding to a negative review in a timely manner can carry as much weight as a positive review.  We can do all of this for you as you continue to build a “5 Star Reputation” online.

How Can Online Reputation Management Consultants Help?

We provide a service that is geared toward helping you build a strong online presence that is positive to improve your business. A lot of businesses make the fatal mistake of focusing solely SEO, links, social media or blogging to drive traffic to their site. Of course traffic is extremely important, but if you spend all of your money and effort on getting to the top of the search results, but then have negative reviews about you or your company online, your reputation will drive those potential clients to your competitors website with the higher reviews.   Bottom line, it takes a strategy to drive traffic and then convert those client with your reputation.   The good news, the online reputation management consultants at Hit Me SEO can do if for you.

Online Reputation Management Is As Important As Word of Mouth

Where your customers click

Reputation marketing goes beyond whether consumers like your business or not. Reputation marketing is what drives consumers to your site. The age old adage that word of mouth is the best advertising still is very much true today. When your business has a strong positive reputation you have your best marketing tool in your hands.

Years ago businesses (brick and mortar types) would put out comment cards for their customers. Those comment cards were used to gauge the satisfaction of the consumer with the service being provided. Based on those comments businesses could improve their services.

Today with the online market there are more than one place that a consumer can leave comments based on their feelings about your business. Unfortunately one unhappy consumer (or an unethical competitor) can really destroy your  business.  On top of the consumers power to post negative information about you online, it can be really hard to track where the negative comments are being made. This is how our online reputation management consultants can help by pinpointing exactly where the negative comments have appeared online, and directing you on how to respond in a way to actually improve your reputation.

Online Reputation Management Consultants Help Make You More Aware

In many cases the business owner is oblivious to the negative comments, they just notice that their bottom line has been impacted.

We monitor reviews as one of our primary services.  People online write reviews about the businesses they buy products and services from. It may interest you to know that 72% of the people, who read reviews, trust what they read to be valid and true. So, if they see negative reviews about your business you can lose potential customers or clients.  What we do is we help find those negative reviews and help clear them away.

Having a service that can locate negative reviews and help them get disassociated from your business means  you are preventing potential clients from losing interest in your business. The internet is a powerful tool that can easily make or break your business. Don’t let your competition get the best of you.  Call the online reputation management consultants at Hit Me SEO and let us customize a strategy for you to build that 5 Star Reputation.

Having a positive online presence can increase your business nicely. We help you get your business recognized as being a reputable online presence.

Searchers Are Not Going To Go To Page Two Of The Search Results

Studies show that a full 99% of people that search the internet never go beyond the first page of results. Typically if that first page of results contains unfavorable reviews you just lost a client. Having a service that monitors search engines every four hours and curtails any negative comments can insure that you lose zero business!

How Online Reputation Management Consultants Work

When you sign up for our service you will provide us with all of your pertinent information, including information about you, your business name, your website information, and other contact information. We will also want information about what you do, sell, or offer online to your clients or consumers.

Once we have that information we input that into our patented software program that monitors your site every 4 hours so that we can see what is happening on a regular basis with people who visit your site or do business with you.

We collect that data and share it with you and come up with a plan for improving your online reputation. The process on your end is simple.  The internet is a new frontier, a new way of doing business and as time moves forward you and other business owners will find that it can be really hard to contain what clients or customers are saying about your business.

There are always going to be “those” customers or clients that just can not be made happy no matter how hard your business tries. Those customers that are impossible to satisfy unfortunately are the ones that are quite happy to not only leave negative comments but leave comments that are very persuasive to other consumers.

Call us today and let one of our online reputation management consultants help you create a “5 Star Reputation”.

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