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Google is now a household name, and with revenues of more than $3 billion from advertising per month alone, there is no denying the impact that the company has had on the world. No matter your country, your age or how long you’ve been surfing the web, Google is probably one of the first names that you think of when it comes to searching online.

Google offers an array of products and services, of course the Google search engine being  the most popular. In addition to a search engine Google also offers services such as AdWords, AdSense and Google Docs, Google Places, Google Voice, etc. AdWords and AdSense are the most popular advertising programs offered by Google, earning a great majority of this $3 billion monthly advertising earning. Google is responsible for what is known as SEO or Search Engine optimization, a process that improved the visibility of your site and is a must to be successful.

How does Google make Money from Pay Per Click?

How does Google make money from pay per click? Google hosts the ad that is placed on the search results, or on a website during an AdSense program. These ads are sold by Google to various organizations, businesses and companies looking for effective advertising. When someone clicks on the ad on the website it generates a backlink hit to Google, resulting in profits to be made.

Along with making money for themselves, each of these pay per click programs provides earning for the advertiser as well. It is a win-win situation by everyone involved. Google is a name that people trust, a name that people use and believe in. When an ad is placed on a website you can be sure that it will reach the audience and get the clicks. How does Google make money from pay per click has been answered and you never have to wonder again!

If you are looking for more ways to promote your business as well as make a bit of money on the side, advertising on Google will likely be something you research.  You can check out your website with this free website test on our site. As the #1 search engine in the world, they have built a reputation as the company to rely on when doing online advertising.  From PPC, to ad sense, and to a broader variety, SEO all relies on Google.  Google makes money when you make money (or at least that is the goal)  They will still make money if you don’t, but there is a reason people continue to come back day after day, week after week. Like we ask all of our clients when considering doing a pay per click campaign…If you can spend $100 and make a $1000, would that be worth it to you?   Once you get started, you can focus your efforts on optimizing your PPC campaign.

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