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LSI - Latent Semantic IndexLSI stands for latent semantic index. LSI is an indexing and retrieval method used by Google that uses a mathematical technique to identify relationships and patterns between words within a collection of text. In layman’s terms, it means keywords that are somehow related to others on pages of your website.

This is one of the most important factors that you need to realize in search engine optimization going forward. Think about the last time you did a search on Google. It is a safe assumption to say that you found exactly what you’re looking for. The algorithm continues to get better day after day, and we are ultimately getting to a point where these computers can identify relationships between words. It has become frightening how accurate these algorithms have become in the last few years.

Many people believe that LSI terms are the same as synonyms. That is not the case. LSI keywords are those that are related to keywords in some form or fashion, they are not synonyms for those words.

To give you an example, we will look at the keyword “search engine marketing”. If you want to rank for search engine marketing, there are a variety of phrases and terms that would be considered LSI keywords. Keywords like video optimization, pay per click advertising, reputation management services, content marketing, press release writing, back link building, email marketing, online advertising agency, SEM firm, etc. as you can see, these are not synonyms, but they support or are related to the keyword search engine marketing in one way or another. The key to your success is to use related LSI keywords when writing your content.

Maryland SEO Word Map

One strategy that we use to incorporate as many LSI keywords as possible, is to use a Google search bar. Type the word you are looking for into Google, and then pay close attention to the keywords that are listed in the descriptions and titles on the pages below. You want to compile a list of these LSI terms and include them within your content. You don’t need to go overboard using these LSI words, they just need to be mentioned on the page. The computers will see the relationship between these keywords and the broad topic that you are covering on your webpage, increasing your overall rankings.

It is advised to do much more research on latent semantic indexing and the impact it has on content creation. If you would focus on just one area of online marketing, this is arguably the most important going forward.

I would also like to share a website to help you with your keyword research.  The site is www.lsikeywords.com.   You can see the top 5 or 10 search results and identify the common words used by all of the top listings.

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