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Creating engaging, useful content that help new visitors find your site is one of the keys to high organic rankings.  Another key that we want to focus on today is the consistency of your work, and your commitment to doing something every day.  Jerry Seinfeld, one of the most successful television stars and comedians in our lifetime, said the key to his success was that he wrote jokes every single day. If you want to have success with your website and with attracting new visitors, you need to make that same commitment to your website.  The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

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Your Online Content Machine

In order for a machine to work, you need to have all of the pieces and parts working together as one. If you have a broken turbine, your machine will not work. You have the ability to create your content machine, and have it running on all cylinders if you prepare and plan out your content each week.  With the help of others, you can ensure that you are writing on your blog daily, and your input can be very little if you set up your machine prior to submitting your content.  Here are 5 ways to automate your content machine and have it attract new and unique visitors to your website.

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Lay Out Your Topics Each Week

At the beginning of the week, determine 7 things you would like to write about, that would be informational and useful to your audience.  You can do the keyword research we discussed in our previous blog about creating engaging content.  Find 7 topics, and lay them out on your plan.  Using an excel spreadsheet is an easy way to do this. You can also use a Google Doc which can be shared by your entire team.

Assign A Topic To Your Writers Or Your In-House Team

You may want to just outsource the whole process and have a company like Hit Me SEO do all of your writing and publishing for you. That works well if you have the budget set aside.  However, if you would prefer to do this yourself and save some money, you can enlist your employees to write for you.  If Janet in accounting is really good about the financial side of your business, assign her blogs to write about the monetary end of your business.

Your sales team can write about a unique feature and benefit of your product each week.  You may want to write about how the world is shifting and give the 30,000 foot view of your industry in general.  Pam in promotions can write about upcoming contests, sales, or incentives that are currently being offered for your product. Your service technician can write about the best ways to keep your product running efficiently.  I think you get the point here. Spread out your content to different members of your team, and have them writing the content for you once a week.  If you break the project down into small manageable pieces, you are more likely to complete the job compared to taking on the responsibility yourself.

Have A Content Implementation Manager

There are countless ways to have the process of implementing your content on your blog, but you may also have one person that you assign implementing each blog.  This person may also be the person that proof reads the content before it is implemented on the website.  There are also ways to use your WordPress Blog and assign different writers.  Huge companies like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Tech.Co give their writers logins to the backend of the website where they are free to write content prior to approval.  You can do the same with your team, and have your implementation manager approve, deny or change the articles before going live.


Commit to Publish Every Day

Even if it is a small blog post or the sharing of other high quality information, commit to putting at least one piece of content on your blog every single day. The goal with your content machine is to get people finding your new information often, and having Google continue to come back and “crawl” your site more frequently.  When you start publishing daily, or even a few times a day, the algorithm is designed to come back and review your information more often. This will help with your overall rankings and trust in the eyes of Google.

Don’t Stop Implementing Content

This is easier said than done for sure. I cannot think of how many times I have made it weeks into a project, only to get bored with that project and move on to something a bit sexier. This is a personal issue I am working to fix because I know the errors of my ways. We work on something for so long, and then, just before the project is about to hit its tipping point, and start barreling down the other end of the hill, we move on to something else.  With your content machine, you need to keep moving and keep publishing, because once your move past that tipping point, your content starts to get picked up quicker, your rankings enter the search results much higher, and your value and trust in the eyes of Google skyrockets.

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